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Wondering what to ask your AV Integrator?

Here are 17 questions we’ve compiled as great ways to make sure you are asking the right things when choosing an AV company to work with.

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Is AV your only area of expertise?
  3. With a great deal of AV being put on networks or using network infrastructures, do you have IT network engineers and experts with current industry certifications?
  4. Can you offer more than one solution at different cost levels, and explain the functional differences, to help us make the best decision possible?
  5. Please summarize your process for completing this project, from beginning to end, and how much total time it will take.
  6. Are you an authorized dealer for the products you will design and recommend?
  7. Do you have a dedicated project manager that would be assigned to a large project or a project that involves multiple trades?
  8. Will you provide schematic “as-built” drawings at the end of the project? What else will you provide in a “closing documents package”?
  9. How many of your employees are Certified Technology Specialists?
  10. Do you have employees with their CTS-D certificate and CTS-I certificate on staff?
  11. What is the average length of employment at your company?
  12. Will you provide training on how to use the system you design and install?
  13. Will you provide references for similar projects you have completed?
  14. What is the warranty of the system you will design and install?
  15. Will you provide a detailed Scope of Work for this project, and go over it with us in detail?
  16. Do you offer service and support after the installation and training have been completed?
  17. Do you offer managed services of this system after the installation and training have been completed?


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