Engage with Your Congregation to Deliver the Message

There are many new tools being used in houses of worship, such as concert-level audio systems, image magnification including large screens and broadcast video systems, live streaming and archive recordings of services and messages.

Make sense of all the new software and systems with CCCP, a dedicated and experienced solution provider.

Broadcast Video Systems

With a desire from congregations to watch services online, many houses of worship find themselves in new territory. Broadcast video systems can provide traditional SDI digital video systems, as well as network-based video solutions, such as NewTek’s TriCaster NDI Video Systems. NDI Video Systems use the network for all video transport and routing.

Considerations for an AV Solution

Houses of worship have unique considerations for its spaces. These facilities are traditionally challenging spaces for audio. Our team offers predictive modeling, which lays out your space to see exactly where the sound will go and helps us fine tune system design to the specific room, ensuring the end result is superb.


Our team has multiple designers and engineers that have been previous church technology staff and volunteer members, giving us a deeper understanding of your needs. These systems can often be complicated and frustrating when you haven’t had experience with them before. Let our team ease the transition to a new system and ensure the solution is the right one from the beginning.

Our Process

Our approach entails four key points: envision, engineer, execute and engage.

Envision: We have a consultative approach. Our first step is to meet with you and ask questions to learn about your goals, as well as learn about your budget and timeline. Based on our findings, our trained and certified staff will design a tailored solution for your needs. Our focus is to achieve your vision and assist in engaging your audience.

Engineer: Once the design is approved, we work with our distribution and vendor partners to get you the leading-edge technology you need. Our strong relationships give us greater buying power to keep your project in budget and on time.

Execute: We deliver on our promises, as well as physically deliver and install the solutions for your organization. Our skilled installation team and programmers bring the custom solution from your design to life, ensuring the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

Engage: Upon the solution being installed and programmed, CCCP offers training to ensure your team knows the ins and outs of the solution, providing a positive experience for your employees. We also offer ongoing maintenance options, as well as future upgrades.

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