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Congregations are called upon to spread the word of the Lord to their faithful followers and at Camera Corner Connecting Point (CCCP), we understand the importance each worship community places on this divine call and the role of effectively communicating the message with audio and video systems technology.

In order to successfully communicate to anyone, it is important to know your material, know your audience (congregation), and then pick the best tools for delivering your message to that audience. Because the tools for communication are changing so rapidly, most churches and worship centers don’t have the staff or time to keep up with technology. It seems overly simple, yet many churches struggle with connecting their message to the congregation. The breakdown usually occurs in the tools chosen to communicate, bridging the gap between the speaker and the audience. Inadequate and poorly designed sound systems lead to unacceptable feedback or intelligibility issues. Poorly designed video systems distract more than enhance the worship experience. These types of errors usually happen in the design phase, not the installation phase. Ultimately, the end result is a detached and unaffected congregation.

Camera Corner Connecting Point has a staff of audio and video experts with specific experience designing and installing audio and video systems for churches. This expertise covers audio, video, networking, streaming, and even the non-Sunday business of running the church. Does your phone system allow your congregation to reach the staff quickly and easily? Do your computers and network equipment provide ease of use for staff and volunteers? How can you improve communication with the congregation before and after a service in areas like the Lobby or Children’s area? Camera Corner Connecting Point has the experience, tools, and people to help you reach your congregation with the message you want them to hear and help you work effectively to maximize the resources you have at your disposal.

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