Full Scale Assistance, Making Your Vision a Reality

As certified designers and engineers, our AV division is able to provide AV consulting services. We walk with you through the process of determining what your needs are, and match them to products and solutions from the brands you know and trust. Whether it’s a new build, renovation or existing structure, our team can provide the guidance you need to achieve your goals.

CTS Certifications

Project Types for AV Consulting Services

CCCP has completed projects and offered AV consulting services for hundreds of organizations in the Midwest, ranging from one-off conference rooms to a fully-integrated new build.

New Build

CCCP is able to work collaboratively with architects and decision makers at your organization to create the seamless integration of AV systems into the building.

Having an AV consultant assist with the project ensures your spaces will have the optimal sound and visual systems needed to get your message across how you envision.

By working with the architect on the job, we are able to plan acoustic treatments prior to the build being completed, often providing cost savings.

As with any project, we strive to be your partner and understand your goals and initiatives with AV to make sure the end result meets your expectations and engages your audience.


We understand there are often limitations in renovations regarding pieces of the structure that cannot be changed.

With a renovation project, creative design is often needed to work with the space. When you are working within constraints, you often want more capability into a space that doesn’t have any more capacity.

By utilizing new technology offered from both IT and AV resources, we’re able to overcome many challenges these sites may have and provide a solution to fit all your needs and specifications.

With any project, our goal is to partner with you and develop a design to meet your specific organization’s initiatives so the end result brings your vision to life.

Existing Structure

When working on a project in a space that is not changing physically in size or shape, we want to fully understand your current structure, both architecturally and how the space is used by employees. This guides us to selecting the equipment and solutions that can seamlessly integrate into a fixed or finished space.


Our team’s first priority is you—we want to ensure we fully understand your vision and utilize the tools, products and our knowledge base to create a custom solution meeting the guidelines you’ve given.

CCCP’s AV division consists of over 40 trained and certified designers, engineers and installation technicians, including CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I certifications.

We have partnered with many organizations in various stages of updating or integrating AV. We frequently work with architects, and can assist in writing a bid package as well, ensuring your bid package entails everything you need to create a successful space.

Our AV division is engineering and design driven, meaning our department focuses on creating the custom solution to fit your exact needs rather than finding a box-product solution.

Additionally, our customers have told us our drawings are much more accurate earlier in the process, accounting for nuances others don’t catch, saving time later in the project and setting realistic expectations.

CCCP also differs from other companies in that we have additional divisions other than AV for IT, voice and phone, physical security and managed services solutions. With these additional resources, we’re able to utilize other technologies and our knowledgeable staff to deliver an all-encompassing solution.

Our Process

Our approach entails four key points: envision, engineer, execute and engage.

Envision: We have a consultative approach. Our first step is to meet with you and ask questions to learn about your goals, as well as learn about your budget and timeline. Based on our findings, our trained and certified staff will design a tailored solution for your needs. Our focus is to achieve your vision and assist in engaging your audience.

Engineer: Once the design is approved, we work with our distribution and vendor partners to get you the leading-edge technology you need. Our strong relationships give us greater buying power to keep your project in budget and on time.

Execute: We deliver on our promises, as well as physically deliver and install the solutions for your organization. Our skilled installation team and programmers bring the custom solution from your design to life, ensuring the end result is exactly what you envisioned.

Engage: Upon the solution being installed and programmed, CCCP offers training to ensure your team knows the ins and outs of the solution, providing a positive experience for your employees. We also offer ongoing maintenance options, as well as future upgrades.


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