The Office Has Changed, Has Your Organization Evolved?

Today’s workforce expects more—more collaboration, more mobility, more tools to stay connected. Now is the time to implement change. CCCP has the solutions you need to move you into the modern age to help you acquire new talent, retain talent, communicate more effectively and so much more.

Why Implement Modern Workplace Solutions?

The workplace has adapted and changed, especially with the recent releases of collaboration tools. With many employees working from home, meeting with customers off-site and commuting to other office locations, associates need mobility, as well as a way to stay connected when they are out of the office. Today’s technology promotes collaboration and mobility for your employees, as well as flexibility in where they work. No matter where they are, you want your team to be productive. We can help.

What Modern Workplace Solutions Does CCCP Offer?

Microsoft 365

With Microsoft 365 comes so much more than email and traditional programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Your license gives you access to collaboration and communication tools that will increase productivity and employee access to pertinent and relevant information. By utilizing tools like SharePoint and Teams, communication can be sent and received in an array of options, instead of just email. Intune gives you, as an administrator, the ability to manage your endpoints in a single platform.

Not sure where to start, or already have O365 but don’t know how to integrate these tools into your everyday environment? Contact us today to learn how we can help with your migration, governance and training.

Virtual Desktop Environment

With a VDS environment, you’re able to save on hardware by repurposing and extending the life of your existing hardware by hosting your environment in the cloud. This gives your employees access from other machines, such as a home computer, and also allows for quicker restoration if the computer is compromised. Want to learn more? Click here to contact our cloud team today.

Mobile Device Management

Whether smartphones, laptops, tablets or desktops, mobility can cause concern about security. MDM allows you to secure and put controls in place to safeguard your company from being compromised and allows you to manage the end devices that use your network, whether owned by the company or personally owned by your employees. MDM solutions, such as Microsoft InTune, gives you the ability to wipe devices remotely, install apps automatically, verify security policies are adhered to and so much more. To learn more about MDM solutions from CCCP contact us today.

Video Conferencing

We’ve all been in a meeting where the content was great, but the experience was poor. Maybe you couldn’t hear the speaker very well, or the screen was too far away for you to see anything, or the room was so complicated to setup you never even got started. CCCP, a division of ACP CreativIT, offers solutions for unified communications that allow for seamless communication across your company and with your clients.

Click here to see our dedicated page on video conferencing and learn more.

UCaaS & Cloud Phone Systems

Today’s technology offers a vast array of tools for employees to engage with each other and stay connected, but with so many to choose from how do you know which solution is the right one? CCCP offers Unified Communication solutions in multiple ways and has deployed these tools to many types of organizations.

Click here to read more about our Unified Communications & Telephony division offerings.


CCCP has a long history of deploying modern workplace solutions for our customers. With this knowledge and expertise we are able to guide you seamlessly through the process of optimally deploying cloud solutions. We ask the questions and help in moving you to the platform and system you need to be most efficient and profitable. Want to learn more about our consulting services? Contact us today.


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