It's the Backbone of Your Operation

No matter the line of business you’re in, your data center is imperative to your operations. Knowing how important this is to your business, CCCP makes sure to provide the right solution to fit your needs. As a platinum partner of the leading storage, server and infrastructure companies in technology, you can rest assured you’re getting both the best products and knowledge from our certified and trained engineers.

Cloud Initiatives

When it comes to your data center, you can eliminate capital expenditures by moving some or all of your systems to the cloud. Whether servers or storage, both are viable options that are secure and reliable. Cloud solutions can also be a great way to get faster performance for multi-site environments. Let us review your data center to see if moving your business to the cloud can provide your company with financial or operational benefits.

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Consumption Based Computing

Today’s technology has evolved, and with new consumption-based models you can have the flexibility you’ve always needed.

An as-a-service offering allows for on-demand capacity and planning, with the agility and economics of public cloud with the security and performance of on-premises IT.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise's GreenLake monitors your usage, whether it's gigabytes of storage, compute hours or VMs, and you only pay for what you consume. This exponentially accelerates your digital transformation.

Hyperconverged Solutions

You may have heard the phrase, but what does it actually mean? Hyperconverged for the data center integrates software-defined compute, storage and networking into a single, easy-to-manage platform. It’s more than just combining these elements into a single solution. When the entire stack of multiple infrastructure components is combined into a software-defined platform, you can accomplish complex tasks in minutes instead of hours.

Storage and Servers

Whether you are looking for on-prem, cloud or hybrid data center solutions, CCCP has the knowledge and vendor relationships to get you the right solution to fit your needs. There can be many benefits to updating the technology in your data center, including lower operating expenses, better security and more availability. Today’s technology has evolved, and with new consumption-based models you can have the flexibility you’ve always needed.

Power and Cooling

Unplanned downtime affects every aspect of business. One way in which businesses experience downtime is due to lack of proper power and cooling where their technology resides. Whether you have a small computer room or an enterprise-sized data center, CCCP has staff who specialize in power and cooling. We can assess your current environment to make recommendations, ensuring your technology continues to operate at its optimum capabilities. Contact us today for your free assessment.

Click here to learn more about cloud options for the data center.


As an IT integrator with over 40 years experience, we have worked with hundreds of organizations throughout the Midwest, ranging from small business to enterprise, government to healthcare, and non-profits to education. We realize each organization has its own goals, needs and challenges, and it’s our objective to deliver a custom solution to meet your expectations and bring your vision to life.

CCCP has a dedicated team of data center specialists with industry-standard certifications. This team of engineers will meet with you to develop a strategic initiative, and subsequently deploy the custom solution to meet your needs and bring your vision to life.

We strive to become a trusted partner to our clients. Our mission is to provide world class technology solutions, backed by best-in-class customer service. You can rest assured with you work with CCCP that you’re getting the right solution the first time.


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