The Powerful End-To-End Emergency Management Solution: HAVRION

In today’s world, many organizations are looking for a powerful, end-to-end emergency management solution. Samsung recently partnered with HAVRION, a unified solution for environment digitization. This new innovative emergency management system is dedicated to protecting lives during emergency situations through the use of Al and technology.

HAVRION is connecting technologies to preserve life by creating effective responses to emergency evacuations and lock down situations. This solution prides itself in preventing tragedies and providing end-to-end emergency response strategies by creating an immediate, effective response to emergency situations. Offering the essential hardware and software to give organizations a wide range of tools for communication and visual presentation, HAVRION proves to be invaluable. This is done by providing a clear and contextual visual of emergency notifications. HAVRION connects added inputs and sensors, while Samsung gives full control of smart signage displays. By pairing these solutions together, real time transmission of emergency response improves significantly by using the very best technology with Samsung Smart Signage displays and MagicINFO platforms. HAVRION is designed for organizations of all types including schools and public spaces of any size.

How does all of this technology work, you may ask? HAVRION provides unique new ways to communicate using Samsung Smart Signage while leveraging the MagicINFO server. The software and API allows for an unlimited number of inputs and sensors. By doing this, it enables HAVRION to deliver campus, site and district wide video connectivity. This allows for the distribution of alerts, notifications, customized messaging as well as streaming. With this integrated technology you can enhance audience experience at stadiums, eliminate confusion, give staff members the ability to present and display noteworthy business updates. HAVRION is bringing people closer together by providing seamless communication. There are three main platforms to the HAVRION solution: Connect, Protect and Stream.

HAVRION’s Connect platform is a highly customized and interconnected management feature that unifies communication among devices, sensors, triggers, applications and displays. The result is simplified management of an interconnected environment. Collaboration is enhanced with the use of whiteboards, projectors, displays, audio systems and document cameras. Communication and marketing reaches a new level with print, displays, media players and the ability to set back boxes. While traditional evaluation plans are designed according to the architecture and layout of floor plans, HAVRION’s Connect platform incorporates surveillance as well as detection technology to communicate emergency and evacuation routes to everyone in the building as fast as possible by going across as many available devices and displays as possible. Connect makes sure that emergency events are detected rapidly and communicated rapidly with a plan of action to evacuate. Havrion’s Connect platform is a series of micro services that run with Docker containers for edge computing and integration. Using HAVRION’S Connect platform you can virtually coordinate devices, applications and communication platforms. The ability to manage sensors, triggers, devices and displays on a digital floor plan from a centralized management console is available as well. Finally, Connect allows you to build customized evacuation floor plans along with static routes and lock down procedures while also providing new levels of building or event security and communication.

The Protect platform of HAVRION uses real time AI to analyze environmental changes, movements, and maps to provide the safest, quickest route to evacuation. Additionally, organizations can incorporate leading gunshot detection sensor technology from Amberbox and the HALO Detector along with environmental sensors built into the Protect system. It is designed to mitigate the damage done by fires, natural disasters and other emergencies that can escalate and become more dire situations in only short periods of times. Connect and Protect by HAVRION work in parallel by creating a fully integrated and smart environment where every single device, sensor, trigger and display responds with urgency. By doing this, HAVRION is ensuring the preservation of human life. Protect works by utilizing a series of purpose-built micro services that run with Docker containers. You can build evacuation floor plans with routes and lock down procedures as well as enhance devices, applications and communication platforms with AI. In addition, Protect provides first responders with floor plans, evacuation routes and real time information on an emergency.

The third platform of HAVRION is Stream which gives school administrators the ability to centralize and improve school and campus wide communications by visually promoting events and displaying important messages wherever and whenever. This platform is designed for TV broadcast and media services. This capability can be used for analog broadcast, TV studios, microwave, TV’s and to set back boxes. HAVRION is critical to keeping everyone on the same page and informed.

HAVRION is a single, powerful, easy to use solution. Engagement is accelerated, rapid-response alerts are automated and communication is streamlined. However, HAVRION isn’t just being used for schools and campuses, it also provides new ways of communication using Samsung LED displays. The HAVRION software and API allows for an unlimited numbers of inputs, sensors, and venue wide video connectivity by distributing alerts, notifications, messages and streaming on Samsung LED displays. HAVRION can also be used at a sports venues, malls and amusement parks. This innovative and essential technology unifies solutions, solves mass communication, provides security and enables management and crowd control.

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