School Security – Your “Must-Have” Checklist

Schools today face a vast assortment of threats, from violence to severe weather, school security needs to protect from all types of dangers. By assessing and investing in physical security solutions, education facilities can be prepared for the unthinkable. School security is top priority at Camera Corner Connecting Point, and our physical security department will help you identify must-haves for your school security system, assessing multiple aspects of security. Remember that each facility and application is unique and should have a one-on-one consultation with an expert in physical security. Below is a general list to consider for the security of your location.

Access Control and Visitor Management

  • Ensure each entry/exit point is secured by a human presence, CCTV cameras or effective locks/keys or cards.
  • Designate any and all keys as “do not copy”
  • Determine which employees, if not all, need ID badges
  • Determine person or department responsible for issuing new keys/cards and badges
  • Establish protocol for former employees to return keys/cards and badges
  • Determine whether the facility needs an intrusion alarm system and, if so, how often it will be tested
  • Create a plan for visitor and vendor management
  • Place access control system on an uninterrupted power supply in case power is lost

Exterior & Interior Security

  • Ensure the facility’s perimeter fencing (or other barrier) in good working order
  • Determine whether the fencing (or other barrier) fully limits vehicle and pedestrian access
  • Consider where vehicles are allowed to drive and park on the grounds
  • Determine where all utility shutoffs are; ensure they are secure
  • Consider any potential blind spots created by landscaping, terrain, décor or other elements
  • Gunshot detection
  • Emergency notification(s)
  • Vape and aggression detection
  • Weapons detection
  • Personal safety

Video Surveillance

  • Ensure each camera has an unobstructed view and all sensitive areas are monitored
  • Determine who will watch the camera feeds and what necessitates an alert
  • Determine how long camera footage will be retained for evidence
  • Ensure that both internal and external cameras cannot be easily accessed by unauthorized people

Security Protocols

  • Establish security protocols for all possible emergencies, including fire, active shooter, severe weather and other relevant events
  • List all local law enforcement, fire departments, hospitals and other first responders’ contact information
  • Determine who is responsible for what during an emergency, and establish a back-up for each stakeholder

While school safety is a broad topic, it’s an important aspect of all educational facilities. Having the best security solutions in place for your school will help protect your students and faculty, while easing the fears of parents. Contact Camera Corner Connecting Point to learn about the best options for your school’s needs, or learn more about our security options here.