How Your Phone System Hinders Business Growth

Here’s the good news. Business is booming and you’re ready to grow your employee base to meet the increasing level of customer demand. And in today’s business environment that means your employees need to be available anytime, anywhere and on nearly any device, which requires a business phone system with flexibility, mobility and scalability.

The bad news? Your current phone system can’t meet your business growth.

Unfortunately in the case of phone technology, most legacy systems aren’t capable of meeting the consistent demand for expansion coupled with flexibility. Depending on your system, you may be limited to a set number of lines, extensions or users. Or worse, you may have to upgrade or replace hardware to accommodate more users.

That costs money and time, and it won’t work for your growing business.

Can Your Phone System Grow With Your Company?

When you choose a phone system, it’s difficult to anticipate what your business might need until you’re faced with the demand for business growth. You know you need dial tone, access for all employees, and some of the cool new phone features that improve productivity and customer satisfaction.

But now you’re wondering if your phone system can grow with your company as the economy comes back and your company expands.

Here’s what you’ll need in a phone system today to meet your growing business’s demands:

  • Ability to quickly respond to changes like adding new offices or hiring employees
  • Flexibility to support your mobile employees
  • Adaptability to respond to seasonal spikes in call volume and usage
  • Support to help employees intuitively activate and self-service their own phones

3 Benefits You Get Using a World-Class Cloud Phone System

More good news. You don’t have to work within the legacy phone technology framework. Thanks to world-class cloud phone systems, you have options that are responsive and intuitive. Your IT and Operations staff need tools that support evolving businesses and provide the three key areas of agility.

  1. Quickly add and remove employees no matter where they’re located in the United States. The benefit of cloud systems isn’t just phone service connectivity to remote or home offices. You can easily add employees as your business grows.
  2. Ensure a consistent user experience to drive company-wide productivity. After all, the easier it is to connect to the system, the happier and more productive you – and every other employee – will be.
  3. Turn phone system management over to a trusted third-party provider. While some IT managers or executives prefer to control their phone systems, others no longer have time for that task as their responsibilities increase. World-class cloud phone systems give you the option to choose how much or how little you manage, and also offer 24/7 system support.

Your business growth requires the right tools that support flexibility and mobility, not limit it. Isn’t it time to consider your phone system as a critical business tool that will help you reach your business objectives? If your phone system can’t expand as your business does, it’s holding you back.

Maybe now is the right time to consider moving your phone system to the cloud.