NetAssist Helps Save Lost Data

We love that our NetAssist team can help businesses so much! This is a testimonial from a client who was able to recover lost data using our services.

“Somehow a user lost data that was in our SQL Server, and was now gone!

Talking with the Datto guys at (a Camera Corner Connecting Point) event we talked about granular restore of SQL Server data. I didn’t know that this was added to the product. So I downloaded the tool from SIRIS and installed it and it was super easy to mount a backup of the database and restore just a couple tables that I needed to a temporary database. I then just had to run some SQL code to copy over the rows of data to the production database that needed to be restored.

Took me about 45 minutes from start to finish to complete the recovery, which includes time to hunt down which backup I needed to restore from and install the SQL recovery tool. The employee spent several days entering data in the SQL database that was then lost.

The SIRIS recovery tools saved them a ton of time not having to re-enter all that data!”

Our NetAssist team can help your business protect your data, too. Contact us today and learn how our services can help…before a disaster occurs that costs you valuable time and resources.