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Microsoft NCE Changes

*Update: Microsoft has extended the March 1st deadline for renewals to June 30th, 2022 for Legacy CSP.

  • You can renew for 12 more months in the Microsoft CSP program to avoid the 20% monthly premium price increase.
  • All Legacy CSP subscriptions must be migrated to NCE after July 1, 2022.


With Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE) set to take effect March 1, 2022, there are sure to be plenty of questions surrounding the changes taking place. ACP’s Director of Cloud Services, Tim Voss, and Ingram Micro’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Erin Michaels, got together for a webinar to help alleviate any confusion. Topics covered included: 

  • What is NCE 
  • How is NCE different from traditional CSP options 
  • NCE terms and pricing 
  • Important dates for Microsoft NCE 
  • How does NCE impact my business 
  • What steps can be taken to prepare for NCE 

To view the webinar, click here: 

Additionally, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions surrounding the Microsoft NCE licensing changes to help you better understand the changes you can expect. 


Q1:  Why are there changes to cancellations, refunds, and pricing when CSP seems fine as it is?   

A1:  The revisions in the new NCE model have two goals: 

  • To introduce a set of new offers, policies, and functionalities that expand the current experience in CSP. In NCE, customers have a consistent and standardized set of policies, agreements, and procedures across all Microsoft purchase motions. 
  • To help standardize offerings around Microsoft’s Cloud services. 


Q2:  Why do monthly subscriptions cost more than annual or multi-year term subscriptions? 

A2:  Microsoft is increasing pricing on monthly SKU’s to better align the products and services to the current market.   


Q3:  Can I extend the three-day window for cancellations and changes to our purchase? 

A3:  No, you cannot extend the 72-hour window for cancellations or changes to your order.   

The 72-hour cancellation window is in line with policies used in other Microsoft new commerce purchase motions and continues Microsoft’s push for consistency for customers and partners in NCE. 

If you are not sure about committing to an annual term, you should consider the monthly term option so licenses can be added or removed monthly with no penalties.   


Q4:  Will I still be billed for my subscription over the annual term if I stop using the subscription services? 

A4:  Yes. The annual and multi-year term subscriptions are an agreement by the customer that is locked in for the duration of the term agreement. When you agree to a 1- or 3-year term, you’re agreeing to pay the subscription in full for the entire duration.   


Q5:  I don’t see any benefits in this release for me as a customer. Am I missing something? 

A5:  No, you are not missing anything. Most changes, enhancements, and new features in this release are specific to the partner experience, as well as being intended to align CSP with standard policies and practices in other Microsoft new commerce purchase motions. The components of the release that should be beneficial to customers include the following: 

  • More and easier options for trying new products through free trials and add-ons. 
  • New telco offers with service consumption billed in arrears. 
  • Ability to upgrade to enterprise offers at midterm of using SMB offers. 


Q6:  I’ve seen that Microsoft is taking away the flexibility that made CSP such a good option for us. Is that true? 

A6:  No, that is not true. Microsoft is doubling down on flexibility in the new NCE plan for customers by providing the following flexible options: 

  • Partners can provide the flexibility that customers enjoy now in the legacy CSP experience. 
  • Customers can cancel or reduce seats in any given month without being tied to a year of payments for an annual term offer. 
  • Partners can blend and combine different term subscriptions of the same offer for a more customized solution for the customer. 


Q7: What should I do to prepare for the upcoming changes with NCE? 

A7:  Reach out to your ACP/CCCP account representative for more information on next steps for your business. 


ACP CreativIT has Microsoft experts who would be happy to help your organization navigate the NCE licensing changes. Contact us at to talk to one of our experts today or visit our website here.