Improve Business Transactions With Wireless Networking and Virtualization

CCCP Also Offers VoIP Sales to Enhance Business Communications

Convenience and increased productivity due to the ease of mobility are just two of the many perks of wireless networking over its wired counterpart. The professionals at Camera Corner Connecting Point can help your business benefit from all of them.

“Having a strong wireless network is critical in today’s work environment. More and more people, both customers and employees, are coming to your workplace with mobile devices and are expecting to connect to the Internet and/or your computer network quickly, seamlessly, and without interruptions or being charged data fees,” says Rick Chernick, Camera Corner Connecting Point CEO. “Wireless networking allows your employees to be more productive from virtually anywhere, and it is easy to set up and maintain compared to traditional wired networks. Plus, the ease of scalability is very attractive as your business grows and your customer base expands.“

If you are wondering about virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, turn to CCCP as a trusted resource. CCCP uses VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company that helps companies streamline their IT operations.

By virtualizing infrastructure – from the data center to desktops and mobile devices – VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere. With virtualization, as a business owner you are able to run applications on fewer physical servers. CCCP can help you choose the appropriate VMware for your company by assessing your physical environment and business goals.

Whether you have servers on site or contract with an outside provider for cloud infrastructure service, your business will become more efficient. “With cloud infrastructure services, you optimize your capacity based on what you need,” Chernick says. “If your database increases in size or you plan a big sale on your e-commerce site on a particular day, with the cloud you can ask your provider for more capacity to handle that spike vs. build up our own infrastructure.”

In today’s competitive business world, the work rarely ends at 5 p.m. and you want to keep up with that regardless of your location. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) can help you conduct business no matter where you are by allowing you to make voice calls via broadband Internet vs. an analog phone line.

“VoIP allows your employees to increase productivity by tapping into features like instant messaging, voicemail on e-mail, and communication manager. You may never have to touch the buttons on your phone again,” Chernick says. “Perhaps as important, however, is that you can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs by making adds, moves and changes yourself instead of waiting for the phone company to get around to them and charging ridiculous fees. A solid, unified communications strategy using a pure VoIP solution helps ensure your employees are working at peak efficiency.”

For more information about wireless networking, virtualization or VoIP sales, contact CCCP at 920-438-0337.