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Endpoint Protection Has Become a Priority

ACP blog buttonsEndpoints have ascended to the forefront of security information. If you are curious what an endpoint is, simply put, it’s any device that has the ability to connect to a network such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and servers. The list of endpoints is continually expanding and now includes numerous non-traditional items such as cameras, printers, appliances, and smart watches that can be connected to the internet. An endpoint is the place where communications are received and originated (Source: click here).

More than ever, users now have more control over their endpoints. Even if they can’t install their own programs, they possess the ability to use whatever tools they desire in the cloud. People work from anywhere and everywhere these days and there are endless ways to communicate. This new-found freedom of choice means that user’s endpoints are at a heightened risk of a breach. The fact that they are the most exposed target for bad actors looking to infiltrate the enterprise make endpoints the low hanging fruit (Source: click here). Endpoints are arguably the most important thing companies should be concerned with protecting.

This heightened interest in protecting endpoints has led business leaders to take action. Where do they turn? Endpoint security software. These programs can be installed on many different devices such as laptops, desktops or even servers. Implementing these programs will protect companies from a variety of different attacks that can infect the endpoint, including malware, exploits, live attacks, script-based attacks and more. The bad actors conducting these attacks have intentions of stealing data or even profiting financially with ransoms (Source: click here). Attacks can be crippling to a company and have long-term consequences. That is why we always preach to be proactive as opposed to reactive. Next, we will offer an overview of three different products we recommend at ACP CreativIT to help keep your company safe.

FortiClient is a great option which provides automated, easy-to-manage, customizable endpoint security for many different sets of devices. Integrating with the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiClient provides real-time actionable visibility. This will result in the elimination of threats across various vectors, including at the endpoint. FortClient includes unified endpoint features like compliance, protection, and secure access into a single, modular lightweight client. Also, it includes end-to-end threat visibility and control by integrating endpoints into the security architecture. Lastly, FortClient automates advanced threat protection and detection driven by FortiGuard in addition to FortiSandbox integration (Source: click here).

FortiEDR is an additional option that will deliver advanced threat protection for endpoints, both pre- and post-infection. First-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools cannot keep pace and are not sufficient. These legacy EDR tools drive up the cost of security operations and can slow processes, negatively impacting business. With FortiEDR, you have a proactive approach, reducing the attack surface while additionally preventing malware infection and defusing potential threats in real time. Customizable playbooks allow for the automation of response and remediation procedures. FortiEDR also helps organizations stop breaches in real-time. This is delivered automatically and efficiently, without burdening security teams with false alarms or hindering business operations (Source: click here).

SentinelOne is another leading, next generation solution that utilizes powerful behavior-based threat detection to protect. It functions by tapping the running processes of every endpoint that it’s hooked into. While its quite easy for malware authors to hide the characteristics of their malicious software, it’s significantly more challenging to hide what they are doing. Rapid development lifecycle, best-of-breed platform support and an unrivaled API help set SentinelOne apart (Source: click here).

Has your organization taken the steps to ensure the security of your endpoints? ACP CreativIT has a dedicated department for helping your company implement the tools needed to protect your company. Contact us at to talk to one of our experts today or visit our cyber security page here.