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Discovering the Latest Enhancements to HPE GreenLake (Pt. 1)

GreenLake, HPE’s flagship offering, provides organizations the ability to modernize all their applications and data. A slew of announcements so far in 2022 unveiling plans for platform enhancements and new cloud services are expected to elevate GreenLake to the next level. Persistent dedication to innovating and investing in GreenLake by HPE is becoming increasingly apparent. A unified operational experience which grants a simplified view and accessibility to all cloud services, as well as capabilities at the edge, was announced in March by HPE. One of the biggest takeaways from this announcement was the merging of Aruba Central, a network management solution which is cloud-native and AI-powered, with GreenLake. Additionally, eight new cloud services were announced as part of HPE GreenLake for Aruba Networking. Wired, wireless, and SD-Branch are a few of the use cases covered as part of this full-span offering.

Fast forward to June at the HPE Discover event and we are showered with more promising updates from HPE regarding the GreenLake platform. Highlights included news of enhanced security and disaster recovery, analytic-ready data fabric for hybrid environments, and SaaS-based interface for virtual machines. On top of that, block storage as-a-service is now offered, as well as a new developer portal and developer tools. Enhanced abilities to manage workloads and assets at scale are also included in the upcoming wave of improvements.

HPE’s president and CEO, Antonio Neri had this to say at HPE Discover 2022 regarding GreenLake:

“Three years ago, at HPE Discover, HPE committed to delivering our entire portfolio as a service by 2022. Today, I am proud to say that not only have we delivered on that commitment, we have become a new company. HPE GreenLake has emerged as the go-to destination for hybrid cloud, and our industry-leading catalog of cloud services enables organizations to drive data-first modernization for all their workloads, across edge-to-cloud. The innovations unveiled today further build on our vision to provide the market with an unmatched platform to spur innovation and drive transformation.”

Customers and partners count on GreenLake for a consistent and unified cloud experience with easy access to over 70 cloud services. Control and visibility are also integral benefits of GreenLake demonstrated by having a single control pane to orchestrate, automate, and run a hybrid strategy for every workload, regardless of where they reside. GreenLake has already earned the trust of many when it comes to modernizing applications and data from edge-to-cloud. In fact, over one exabyte of data is under management thanks to 65,000 GreenLake customers worldwide currently. These latest innovations provide additional value by adding a powerful set of cloud services that arm partners and customers with increased agility and control to go along with a quicker time-to-value in their hybrid cloud initiatives.

These updates, which are expected to deliver a scalable, secure, and open platform, are estimated to be available in September 2022.

Check back next week as we take a deeper dive into how the newly announced GreenLake updates will benefit partners and customers. Specifically, the reimagined modern private cloud enterprise experience will be covered which gives a cloud-native experience, no matter the location, to an organization’s hybrid strategy. Data, storage, and compute cloud services will also be discussed, which give customers expanded control, predictability, and choice when it comes to delivering their enterprise cloud.

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