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Defining Managed Services

Whether you’re plagued with persistent network problems, such as security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and a barrage of support requests, or you just need a little network fine tuning, managed services can help. Set your sights on a safer network that minimizes security threats and tedious management tasks, and maximizes time spent on priorities. Managed services provide you experts with extensive experience in helping customers cut IT costs while increasing capability and performance.

In today’s environment, you want a network as secure and reliable as possible. Managed services deliver a rock-sold, safe, and dependable networks by providing services that will analyze and detect areas of vulnerability. This will consequently give your organization recommendations for reducing those vulnerabilities. With the help of a managed services provider your organization will see real benefits that optimize your network by simplifying IT administration and management as well as managing your entire infrastructure from a single location. In addition, deployment, backup and upgrades will be automated and the cost and complexity of managing your servers and desktops will be reduced. With managed services you can proactively manage changing business conditions and are able to adapt effortlessly.

Managed IT services will completely assume the role of your IT department. In turn, this will free your company from any technical obligations leaving more time for other important tasks. Having a fully managed IT service will require far less resources from the company due to its autonomy. Therefore, managed services eliminate any need to hire IT staff and can act like a virtual CIO. With a secure and optimized network, you can pursue more strategic initiatives and really move your business forward.

In many cases, your managed IT service agreement can be bundled with discretionary on-site system administration hours you can use whenever you need engineers to perform tasks on-site. You may also purchase additional on-site hours at a special price, for such tasks as break/fix occurrences, initial system deployment, and major OS upgrades. During the initial phase, engineers usually discuss all steps of the implementation with you prior to beginning. They will then install the software necessary for remote administration, performing any reconfiguration required to bring all administered systems to a known state for easier monitoring and management. All configuration changes will be documented and provided to you.

The managed IT services program provides the critical tasks to keep your system up and running. Tasks conducted by managed services engineers to enable workstation managed IT services include site assessment, reviewing system infrastructure and network security policies, ensuring network consistency and bringing infrastructure and systems to a known state by installing applications, patches, or required updates. In addition, an inventory of your database will be conducted as well as defining service and support procedures, discretionary on-site time, and the parameters of the service.

On-going managed services include:

  • User account management
  • Security patch management
  • Software license reporting
  • Client network configuration management
  • Disk space, partition and usage
  • Unlimited Help Desk
  • Monthly on-site visits
  • Backup & business continuity solution
  • 24×7 workstation / server monitoring
  • Software deployment
  • End user remote control
  • Management reporting
  • System inventory reporting
  • Backup system, monitoring and verification
  • Anti-virus software & monitoring
  • Web protection against malware

Before you make major capital expenditures or invest in costly personnel, consider Camera Corner Connecting Point/ACP CreativIT’s managed service division: NetAssist. Currently, NetAssist offers managed IT services designed to reduce capital expenditures, promote efficiency, and reduce the worries that typically accompany an organization’s IT network.

Managed Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Proactive IT Support. More Control, Less Hassle. Focus your time and energy on your business. Let NetAssist take care of watching over your IT environment.  Our approach to remote monitoring and maintenance covers the monitoring and management of your mission-critical technology.

Business Continuity and Data Recovery

Plan for disaster. Recover faster. Are you prepared for a crisis that could cripple your business? Natural disasters, breaches, and human errors happen. There’s never an opportune time. But with the right planning, you can avoid a crisis, reducing the damage.

NetAssist managed IT services provides affordable, proactive IT management and support to small and medium-sized businesses—keeping your computer systems up and running and your people and business productive. Let NetAssist be your trusted technology partner! An effective consultative approach is used to assess your business and technology environment and then provide advice on the best solutions for your current and future needs. NetAssist can save your organization time and money through better use of appropriate technologies.

If you are interested in learning more contact us at (920) 335-8703 or  You can also visit our NetAssist website here. We are happy to assist your business with managed backups using Datto, IT co-managed services, firewall and virtual security management, managed cloud services, transitioning to telework and more!