CCCP is Trusted Technology Source for Green Bay Packers

Once again, Camera Corner Connecting Point is being utilized as a local quality technology center. The Green Bay Packers were experiencing difficulties with data overload, and turned to Camera Corner Connecting Point for trusted technology to solve this issue.

In a recently published article, CRNtv writes:

“Rick Chernick, CEO Of Camera Corner Connecting Point and a member of the Packers board of directors, said he has to earn the Packers business each and every day with top technology and services.

‘The door is open, but it doesn’t get us the business,’ he said of the relationship. ‘We have to continually give them value and deliver on it. That is what they love about us. We bring solutions to the table that help the organization be more productive and profitable.’”

This is just one of the many instances in which CCCP has been trusted as a local quality technology retailer.