How One Business Survived a Potential Data Disaster

Data disaster doesn’t always appear as a fire or a flood. The reality is that a greater risk is presented by IT failures, power or UPS outages, the ever-present threat of cybercrime and incurable human error. The following is a true story involving a hardware failure.

On a brisk winter day, travelers bustled in and out of a busy resort, preparing for their New Year’s celebrations. Excited to begin the New Year in a scenic location, many people checked into rooms, or called to confirm their reservations for the upcoming days.

Amidst the hustle of their patrons, the resort began having issues with their server. The situation was every resort’s nightmare. Full of people and booked to capacity for the approaching holiday, reservations and emails became inaccessible. At the suggestion of one our technicians, the resort rebooted their server. Rather than refreshing itself, the system never came back on. The root of the problem was a piece of hardware that had been damaged and would need to be replaced. The hardware manufacturer was contacted immediately, but could not deliver the part until the following Monday…not in time for the holiday.

Without Datto, the resort’s reservation and check-in/check-out processes would have been non-functional over the New Year’s weekend. Critical information would be inaccessible and customers arriving at the resort, ready to enjoy their celebrations, would be met with chaos.

Luckily, the resort had a Datto Business Continuity System in place. Thanks to datto, the resort was able to continue operations through the Datto system. Reservations, bookings, and emails had all been automatically backed up in the system, and were accessible to the resort for the busy holiday weekend. The Datto system allowed them to utilize data that would have otherwise been lost, and continue to take on new reservations, bookings, and emails.

While guests rang in the New Year, enjoying themselves with Champagne and whistles, the resort continued to operate seamlessly with the help of Datto services. When the new hardware arrived the following Monday, the resort was able to upload data from the Datto service onto their repaired server and proceed with business as usual.