Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery


Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Plan for disaster. Recover faster.

Are you prepared for a crisis that could cripple your business?

Natural disasters, breaches, and human errors happen. There’s never an opportune time. But with the right planning, you can avoid a crisis, reduce the damage, and recover quickly.

NetAssist will work with you to develop an effective plan to ensure business continuity.

  • Our on-site and off-site data backup solutions provides critical redundancy.
  • NetAssist will train your team in best practices for secure data storage and backup procedures.

Click here to see how fast your business can recover from a disaster.

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Datto data storage and recovery

Camera Corner Connecting Point has been partners with Datto since its inception in 2007. This partnership has been invaluable to many of our customers.

Datto’s comprehensive backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions fits businesses of all sizes. The image-based backup system, with devices onsite for local backups, offers extensive protection:

  • Screenshot backup verification
  • Inverse chain technology
  • Unlimited backup agents
  • Instant virtualization
  • Hybrid cloud

Get one year of free 1 TB of storage with Datto Drive. Learn more here.