Do you have a plan in place if your server crashes? What if you lost all your information? Do you have what you need to recover all the information you would lose?

Camera Corner Connecting Point offers services and products to help backup and recover your information so you’re back up and running within minutes. The four main products we carry for business continuity is Datto, Veeam, Carbonite and StorageCraft.

  • Datto
    • All-in-one solution
    • Image-based backup that is not only backed up physically on a storage device, but also virtually offsite (cloud service)
    • Offered in managed services, in which CCCP will watch your backups (see our Managed Services page for more information)
    • This solution gets your systems online with the important information you need within minutes
    • Perfect for small to enterprise businesses
  • Veeam
    • Software solution installed on servers
    • Image-based backup
    • Great for businesses of any size
    • Veeam’s software gets your servers back within minutes of going down
    • Has vendor partners that help you also replicate the cloud
    • One-time purchase with renewals
    • Click here to learn more
  • Carbonite
    • Built for consumers and very small businesses
    • Mirror backup and cloud as well to ensure physical and virtual storage
    • Annual fee
  • ShadowProtect by StorageCraft
    • Image-based backup and restore solution
    • Software program installed
    • One-time purchase with renewal

Contact us today to learn more about these business continuity solutions to keep your company moving forward if a catastrophe happens!